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Swine Flu Infection Protection: N-95 Respirator Face Masks
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In case of a pandemic flu outbreak, protect yourself with N-95 face masks as recommended by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC). These N-95 respirators are for those who may come in contact with Swine Flu (pig flu) or avian influenza (bird flu), and other particulate matter such as dust and other contaminants present in disaster situations.

N-95 Respirator Face masks
N95 masks include free shipping with every order.
  • N-95 Masks Respirators
    • Adjustable nosepiece provides a custom seal for different facial shapes
    • Meets NIOSH Standards
    • Box of 20
  • $29.99 New price $22.00
    N-95 Respirator Face mask
    N95 masks include free shipping with every order.
  • N-95 Masks Respirators
  • Flat folding design and individually wrapped for easy carrying or storage
  • Fits easily in your travel bag or emergency kit
  • Comes with or without valves
  • Valves add increased comfort for longer wear
  • Soft edges permit good fit to different facial shapes.
  • Meets NIOSH Standards
  • Box of 20
  • Fold Flat Style $34.00 New price $26.00
    Fold Flat Style With Valves $39.00 New price $31.00
    Ear-Loop Surgical Masks help contain droplets and limit exposure to dust.
    Ear-Loop Surgical Masks are not N95 rated.
  • Ear-Loop Masks
  • Blue, 3-Ply, fold flat masks which are fluid resistant
  • 50 masks per box
  • Particle filteration efficiency: 98.9% at 0.1 Microns differential pressure. Delta P: 2.44 MM H2O bacterial filteration efficiency : 97.6% at 2.8 Microns
  • $16.99

     N95 Rated Respirators
    • N95 masks are an essential supply in case of a pandemic flu outbreak. These masks meet the Center for Disease Controls guidelines for those who may be exposed to Swine Flu or Avian Influenza, Bird Flu, TB, SARS, and Small Pox.
    • Type-A influenzas such as Bird Flu are commonly spread through inhaling respiratory droplets expelled from a sneeze or a cough. Masks form a protective barrier for the user either in public or anywhere you may come in contact with an infectious person or agent.
    • N95 masks with exhalation valves should not be worn by persons who are sick with the flu as the valve allows viruses to escape and could put others at risk.
    • In a pandemic it will be common for people to wear masks in public for several weeks. Facilities may bar entry to those not wearing a mask or a mask with a valve. These masks do not have exhalation valves which could permit an infected user to infect others.
    • N95 Masks are an essential supply during many disasters as dust and other contaminants may be in the air. These N-95 respirators provide superior protection compared to that offered by standard nuisance dust masks.
    • NIOSH-approved as a N95 disposable particulate respirator. Filtration 95% effective against particulate aerosols free of oil.
    • Adjustable nosepiece and inner foam provide a custom seal for different facial sizes. Having a good seal is critical for effective mask use. Seal is so important that OSHA requires fit testing of all respirators used in the occupational setting. Complies with OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards when worn properly and with protective eye wear. Fit test kits are available for purchase at: Fit test Kit  (item number KB178)