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Bird Flu and Pandemic Terms Defined

Avian= of birds, ex) Avian Flu is a flu that typically infects birds.

Bird flu (H5N1)=Avian Influenza or Flu comes in different forms. H5N1 is a specific form that had not previously infected humans and is spreading rapidly amongst wild-bird populations.

Isolation =Separation of people who are ill are from people who are healthy. Isolation can help slow or stop the spread of an infectious disease. People who are isolated can be cared for in the home or a health care facility if it is available. Isolation is usually voluntary but can be required by the government.

Pandemic= a disease that has spread throughout a region or country.

Quarantine= Separation of people who have been exposed to a disease, but are not currently sick. Quarantine can also help to slow the spread of disease to others and like isolation can be required by government officials.

WHO=World Health Organization. The global response to human cases of Avian influenza, H5N1, as well as monitoring the threat of a pandemic are coordinated by WHO.

Virus=an infectious agent capable of causing disease that is capable of reproducing only after taking over a host cell.